Schools of Participation

Sharing experiences, learning skills, being more effective and working with others to bring about positive change!

Schools of Participation are an inclusive space where people with a shared disadvantage can meet to reflect on their reality, share experiences, gain skills, learn together and plan actions to have more control over what is happening in their lives and communities.

Our Schools aim to encourage discussion of socio-economic factors that are affecting communities today, and strengthen the capacity of individuals, local groups and organisations to play an active role, to have a greater say and be mobilised to take positive action to improve their communities.

Schools of Participation were created by staff from the Community Pride Unit. The idea and methodology came from the Latin American approach to popular education and the educational theory of Paulo Freire.

We currently run Schools of Participation in Manchester and Salford. Taking a needs-led approach, we have worked with a wide range of people including: refugees and people seeking asylum, homeless people, people with disabilities, ex offenders, prisoners, people suffering addiction and many more.

We also offer training packages for groups and organisations who want to learn how to deliver Schools of Participation.